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Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) Summer has started!


Kansai University provides "Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC)" in summer and winter for 2 or 3 weeks. This course for international undergraduate and graduate level students to learn the Japanese Language, culture and society from various perspective. This summer have five international students from Korea, Taiwan and Philippine  participated in the course.

Included: F
ield trips on 11th June to Heimeji such as "Tatsuno light soy sauce museum", "Ibonoito Somen no Sato" and "Heimeji castle (the world heritage)"

     Kansai University (関西大学) or “Kandai (関大)” was founded as Kansai Law School in 1886, in the large commercial city of Osaka. In 1905, the institution was granted university status, and its main campus was moved to its present site in Suita in 1922, thus paving the way for the future growth.
   Kansai University is a prestigious and wide-ranging institution of higher education with 13 undergraduate, 12 graduate programs and 3 professional graduate schools located in Suita, Osaka, the biggest city of the Western Japan. There are about 30,0000 students enrolled at the university with more than 600 international students.

     Kansai University comprises of 6 campuses which are Senriyama campus, Takatsuki campus, Takatsuki Muse campus, Sakai campus, Tenroku campus and Hokuyo campus. All of these campuses are located in Osaka area. The lasted campus was established in 2012, named Minani Senri campus special opened for Japanese language of international student program.
【Bekka Programs introduction: “Japan Studies”】

【Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course】

【The preparatory seminar of Graduate Schools of Kansai University】

【Graduation ceremony for the exchange students was held】

【Welcome party for New International students】

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