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【Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course】
Kansai University provides “Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course” in summer and winter for 2 or 3 weeks. This is a course to learn Japanese language, culture, society and so on for international students. This winter 41 international students who are from Korea, Taiwan, Australia, China, Thai, USA, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia participated the course. The first day, after the orientation, the international students jointed the welcome party. They exchanged their culture with Kansai University students and others. They learnt Japanese language, experienced Sado(Japanese tea ceremony) and went to Kyoto and Himeji for field trip during their stay in Japan.

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Orientation for International students

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Welcome party

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Experienced of making Japanese traditional handkerchiefs

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Field trip in Kyoto
- 【Bekka Programs introduction: “Japan Studies”】
- 【Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course】
- 【The preparatory seminar of Graduate Schools of Kansai University】
- 【Graduation ceremony for the exchange students was held】
- 【Welcome party for New International students】
- Entrance ceremony of BEKKA program held
- Alumni Association Party
- The 1st CU Study Abroad Fair 2017!
- Assoc. Prof. Tomoki Furukawa and Tomoki Furukawa got the best paper award of 2016
- Volunteer Program of Kansai students with Panyapiwat Institute of Management
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