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 Available International Programs
Degree Programs

       Available for Undergraduate Programs 
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of Letters
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Business and Commerce
  • Faculty of Sociology
  • Faculty of Policy Studies
  • Faculty of Foreign Language Studies
  • Faculty of Health and Well-being
  • Faculty of Informatics
  • Faculty of Cocietal Safety Science
  • Faculty of Engineering Science
  • Faculty of Environmental and Urban Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering

Academic Calendar
Month Day(Graduate) Undergraduate / Graduate
April 1 Beginning of School Year
Beginning of Spring Semester
  6 Spring Semester Classes Begin
July 22 Spring Semester Classes End
  24-31 (28) Spring Semester Exams
Aug. 2 Summer Vacation (- Sept. 20)
Sept. 20  
  21 Beginning of Fall Semester
Fall Semester Classes Begin
Dec. 26 Winter Vacation (- Jan. 5)
Jan. 22 Fall Semester Classes End
  23-30 (26) Fall Semester Exams
March 21-31 (24-31) Spring Vacation
  31 End of Fall Semester
End of School Year

Kansai University Graduate Schools
     Kansai University’s Graduate Schools provide theoretical and practical instruction in the fields of Law, Letters, Economics, Business and Commerce, Sociology, Informatics, Science and Engineering, Foreign Language Education and Research, Psychology, Societal Safety Sciences, East Asian Culture, Governance and Health and Well-being.    

Graduate Programs
Graduate Schools Majors
Master's Degree Program Ph. D. Degree Program
Law Law and Politics Law and Politics
Letters General Humanities General Humanities
Economics Economics Economics
Business and Commerce Commerce Commerce
Sociology Sociology
Social System Design
Mass Communication
Social System Design
Mass Communication
Informatics Social Informatics
Intelligent Informatics
Science and Engineering Engineering Science
Environmental and Urban Engineering
Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering
Integrated Science and Engineering
Foreign Language Education and Research Foreign Language Education and Research Foreign Language Education and Research
Psychology Psychology Psychology
Societal Safety Sciences Disaster Prevention and Reduction Disaster Prevention and Reduction
East Asian Cultures Cultural Interaction Cultural Interaction
Governance Governance Governance
Health and Well-being Health and Well-being Health and Well-being

Master’s Programs
To apply, one of the following 1  4 conditions.
  1. You have completed or will have completed, by the time of enrollment, a total of 16 years of school education outside Japan.
  2. You have completed or will have completed, by the time of enrollment, an undergraduate program in Japan as a regular international student.
  3. You have completed Specialized Course at Japanese special training schools after the designated date by the minister of MEXT as international students. The training schools must satisfy the conditions designated by MEXT including that the length of term required for graduation be at least four years.
  4. You have recognized as having scholastic abilities equivalent or superior to the graduates of university through individual screening examinations by Graduate School. This requirement shall not apply to the foreigners who are recognized as having received Japanese regular school education program.

Doctoral Programs
To apply, one of the following qualifications must be met.
Ph.D. Program is a three-year course, while those for Master’s Degrees are basically two-year courses. Candidates for the Ph.D. Program must have completed a Master’s Degree Program at an institution of tertiary education recognized as such by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science, and then pass a further set of entrance examinations.
Please check the following website for more information about Graduate school (Master and Doctoral Program):

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